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Shugert Marketing Analytics has over 10 years of experience in web development, analytics and digital marketing, they have won multiple awards and accolades for eCommerce development and B2B strategies. They are certified Shopify Experts and named one of the best SEO companies according to DesignRush.

Penta Limited was founded as a creative design agency in 2013, focused on what was a nitch at the time, content creation. Since everyone at Penta initially came from journalism for print media but soon transformed into a digital content creator, video production house and brand specialist. The team accounts for more than 50 awards in information design and creative copywriting.

Short Media specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses increase their visibility and reach through purposeful content and web design. With audio and video production combined with digital marketing experience spanning over 15 years, helping our clients be seen and trusted as the expert in their industry is what we do best. Our services span the areas of web video, social media video, radio commercials, graphic design, web design and more.

Together we designed this new methodology and created this system with one goal in mind: to bring quality business solutions at an affordable cost.

We are just getting started and while we know we will inevitably make mistakes, we will not depart from our core purpose of getting great thing done fast and professionally.